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Cue the eye roll when we hear phrases like "Things are getting back to normal!" and on the other hand a lot of us are asking "Who really wants things to go back to normal?!"

As the world re-opens it can be so easy to be pulled towards our old habits of saying yes to all the things and all the people - but before we rush back into all the things let's take a second for this mindful moment.

These past 2 years at home has forced us all to take inventory of what we want, what we need and how we can work and live in new and mindful ways.

When looking up definitions of normal the one that stuck out was "the usual, average, or typical state or condition."

Well friend I'm here to remind you that you are made for more than normal! Your experiences make you more than average, your resilience and the fact that you take action make you UNUSUAL and all in the best kinda way.

So as we enter into the last half of summer, take an honest peek at what we've been saying yes to and what we were saying no to.

What normal used to be for me:

  • overbooking my calendar

  • saying yes to shit I didn't actually want to do but would say yes out of obligation or feeling like I didn't want to disappoint

  • overbooking virtual meetings because my calendar was "open"

  • not giving myself enough breaks

  • overworking

  • not scheduling in time for me to invest in me

  • second-guessing my goals and my ability to achieve them

  • staying in the suck and the overwhelm

These are all things that I'm putting on my "things I'm saying NO to list". Because when we say no we make more space for things that matter.

So what are you going to start saying YES to?

For me it means

  • not accepting every meeting request that comes my way

  • booking in breaks and log out time into my calendars

  • aligning my energy with my tasks

  • finding accountability in groups and from coaches

  • saying no

  • taking action

This YES/NO list has been an active spread in my Bullet Journal for years and I want you to try it out to find more clarity and more space in your summer for fun and your goals.

Click the button below for your FREE YES LIST download.

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