hEY! I'm Kristina, but you

can call me 

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta

my life has been an anxious, messy,

scary, amazing, soul finding adventure. 

For the past 15+ years, I’ve been working with kids, youth and families in many different capacities. 

Daycamp leader, respite worker, foster parent,

SAFE/SEL + Trauma Informed curriculum creator,


High 5 facilitator, YOGAPL3Y &

children’s yoga instructor

are my current and favourite roles. 


In the quest for my mindfulness ninja status,

I started noticing that I was THE BEST

at not taking care of myself.

Addictive personality kept me, welp, addicted. 

It wasn’t until I started showing kindness to myself 

that the world started taking care of me. 


10 years sober has brought me just as

many hardships as clarity.


I started being curious with my feelings.

Learning they were clues trying to show me something

deeper within myself. I started to listen and ask questions.

I worked on my self-care and how to use my feelings as a superpower instead of letting feelings just “happen to me”

I started switching out my survival habits for thriving habits and

I was able to master more of myself. 

I found and trusted my safe spaces.

Nature being my ride or die.

I continue to create space for better relationships

where all feel heard, seen and understood. 

It’s a continuing journey but one that I am so grateful for. 


As a guide and coach,

I want to share with you the techniques that keep me sane

and striving for a life filled with

kindness, curiosity, adventure

and less judgement.

Kindness drives change, so let’s start with showing

kindness to you.

Trust, it’s one my favourite things to do.

-photos by the amazing Katy Veauux

Always with a camera and journal in hand (or bag) I am always looking for an excuse to use either.


 I find myself most at home outside.

Being surrounded by nature grounds me and reminds me how much beauty comes from time. 

I'm always looking for new surroundings where I can practise mindfulness and kindness so if you know of somewhere good - let me know! 


When I'm not out in the wilderness these days you can find me doing online fitness classes,

video chatting with clients, friends and family.

I'm also creating tools to help others deal with our lives as we're in a new state of living!

I'm also probably squishing my loves,

including Alfred (pictured). 

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