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Words to Live By: Choosing My 2023 Mantra for Mindful Motherhood

It's funny because I normally choose a word of the year by the end of the one before it. Not this year. I was 5 months pregnant and trying to wrap my head around the fact we were going to welcome a baby by my birthday in March.

Doing some reflection about our awesome summer...

I took some time to think about what the first half of the year has been like. It has been realizing that plans (no matter how great) don't work out and that has to be ok.

I was taking more time to stop and take a few deep breaths as I have my experience of postpartum anxiety and depression.

I have been resetting my habits to now include our baby and resetting beliefs about what this journey has meant to me.

This year, my word found me and I'm running with it. Reset is it.

Defining Reset:

Instead of the 'easy button,' I picture a reset button. It means shaking things up, starting fresh, and finding balance. In the context of my journey, it's been about regaining control over anxiety, relationships, my post-baby body, my ever-sleep-deprived brain, and even my daily habits.

Past Words:

In past years, I've had words like "balance," "mindfulness," and "growth." They all served their purpose, but "reset" feels like the natural evolution of those themes. It's about embracing the chaos of motherhood while keeping my core values intact.

The Intention Behind "Reset":

This year, my intention was clear: to navigate the unpredictable waters of motherhood with grace and intention. It's not about erasing the past but acknowledging that sometimes we all need a fresh start, a moment to breathe, and a chance to steer our lives in the direction we want.

If you're reading this and thinking, "I need a word for the year too," or you want to choose a different word for this back half of the year, I got your back!

Motherhood has been the ultimate test, and I'm resetting my way through it, one joyful, messy, beautiful moment at a time. If you're on a similar journey, or if you simply love discussing words, feelings, and life, let's connect! We've got this.

Stay tuned for more adventures in mindfulness, motherhood, and all the feels. Until next time, keep pressing that reset button when life gets a bit too chaotic. 🌟✨


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