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Mindful habits during the holidays

Tis the season for mind-filled days where there's shopping, prepping for holidays, resting, celebrating and maybe a bit of family drama.

Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October which gives us some breathing room between holiday meals and fatigue.

Last year we celebrated with just the 2 of us. Picking up holiday dinners from our parents and then going home to binge more streaming possibilities.

This year is different though. I don't know about you but I've gotten a few safe Holiday Party invites and booooooy have I missed my people! So of course I want to RSVP and say YES to it all, but I also know that since COVID I have a longer recovery time to recharge.

No matter what you are doing this holiday season use these mindful habits to keep sane, and still have fun with those that you love.

  • Your choice

How do you want this holiday season to feel?

You don't have to say yes to all of the parties, gift exchanges or events. Choose who, where and what traditions are the most important to you/your family.

  • Consider a balance of energy

If you have said YES to a lot of things, what does your self-caring rhythm look like?

If you've said NO to a lot of things, how are you connecting with your crews?

  • Insert kind energy blocks into the holidays

Kind Check-In time is really the practice of setting boundaries to ensure you are giving yourself replenish time. You are going to give a lot of yourself and your time over the holidays so make this kind check-in time a priority and make it fun.

Light that holiday candle, journal your gratitudes, your wins, your lessons from this year.

investment time is when we are reconciling our current self with our future self. During the holiday season, this could look like spending time finishing that course that you bought. Set 1 hour aside, or even 1 of your holiday days to get clear on how you will keep up your momentum for 2022.

Investment time for your future self could be setting up your budget for the year or holiday season.

Maybe you want to invest in giving your time to a good cause this season.

Time with your crews or maybe FOR your crew is another kind energy block to consider for the holidays. How can you spend time sending gratitude to those that have believed in you this year.

Can you send out some handwritten holiday cards to some friends? Some kids? Some grandparents?

Are you the one that likes to set up gift exchanges and parties for your crews?

Cut off time ooooof, this is one that I always struggle with but with the end of the year there's a lot to wrap up - but there is also a time to shut it down and turn it off.

So when are you putting your out of office on?

Schedule a no social media weekend - I DARE. YA!

No matter what your celebrating this season, stay safe and stay mindful friends!

What other holiday habits keep you mindful and connected? Leave your comments below!

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