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Use this challenge to get out of your comfort zone

You are all here because you are seeking some kind of change in your life.

Maybe it’s to make more time, maybe to get unstuck, maybe to start new habits - whatever reason you are here is perfect and I’m thankful for you.

I created the Kindness Drives Change Challenge just for us. It's free, it's 10 days and it's starting September 22.

Through the 10 day challenge we will become aware of what is holding us back and also how to start taking steps to move forward.

That is how I practice, how I teach, how I get in touch with mindfulness.

Being mindful is being aware of your thoughts and feelings in a way that help drive your actions.

When you are mindful you are really showing kindness to yourself. And friends that is where all the magic happens!

So whatever change you are seeking I hope this challenge guides you well. You better believe I’ll be doing the challenge alongside you.

When you join you gain access to a private community that is just inside the classroom.

Every day you’ll get a video message from me with some insight and instruction about the challenge. Each day use the download to guide you. You can type directly in it, print and write in it or use as a template for your own journal.

None of this work will take longer than 10 minutes - sooooo

At the end of the video there will be a simple card pull that gives us a message, a reminder a nudge from the universe.

If it's not your thing - no worries. But know that the cards are freakishly on point!

I was taught that tarot was dark but I’ve found that there is so much light and truth to it that there is beauty in how simple it is.

Sometimes it’s actually frustrating with how clear the cards can be. So if you really want a challlllllege in the challenge - just take a peek at the beautiful art work and stay for the message.

So, you feel ready to join the challenge?

Watch this video to hear more about the challenge

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