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There's Magic in you

Thanksgiving came and went in a blink of an eye.

The trees keep loosing more and more leaves.

This morning I had to use my snowbrush and defrost my car!

Things just keep changing.

As soon as we are used to things, things change.

The only constant thing is change

and that's been a constant reminder these past few weeks.

Life as we know it continues to shift and I am curious to see what happens

when the outdoors becomes no longer a place to hang for hours on end.

Make a haven in your home this week.

Entice it with nice smells, something beautiful to look at,

bring a glass of water. Play this song.

This week we are focusing on creating feelings of CAPTIVATION.

What we say matters. Our words matter.

In my IG LIVE last week I shared that when our kiddos are in full meltdown mode they are actually looking for connection.

We need to see their fists of fury as puppy dog eyes for safety.

They are really asking if you will still love them when they make mistakes,

when they don't know what to do, when they have big feelings.

So remember that your words are captivating. They are filled with magic.

This means that they need to be chosen carefully.

So do everything on purpose.

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