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new school year gives us a new start

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

At the start of this year I wrote my 2022 self a letter that I plan to read on New Year's Eve.

I don't remember all of the specifics - but I do remember the goals as a whole. What I had wished for myself, my business and my family.

And now as we round the corner to the last quarter of the year I find myself battling the guilt, the frustration, the fact that I'm still not there.

But we still have time.

I was reminded by 1 of the kids in my yoga class that at there is no difference between January first and September first.

And that tells me that I can recommit to my goals, that I don't and shouldn't count myself out.

I remember that I was a different person at the start of 2021. After our time in isolation, working from home, this new normal my expectations are higher. My vision is clearer. My drive is deeeeeeep in my bones.

I don't know about you and how you are experiencing the shift of seasons, but here in Calgary it's getting chilly, that sunshine is getting shorter and shorter. And it's all a reminder that things are changing. It's a reminder that we can start again.

So where do your 2021 goals show up in your September calendar? How are you showing up in your values as a kind human?

There is no feeling ready - that is a myth we've ben sold. It's a way our time thief keeps our dreams at bay. So choose to be ready now. Feel that inner power that is begging for change. Tell your time thief that it is their turn to sit the F down - cuz it's your time to shine.

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