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stuck in a funk 😑+ how I shifted

I've been in a funk

TBH a real deep funk

one that normally I can spot right away

and use my strategies to guide my way through out.

But this funk was more sneaky.

It was one of those funks that wasn't BIG to begin with.

But then every day, something would happen.

I would start believing a negative thought,

or I'd believe ill intentions from someone I'm interacting with.

I would find evidence that just proved that

I am unworthy of - everything.

Because this funk was so sneaky I wasn't able

to find a kind energy output

until I found myself sitting at my desk - crying.

Just sobbing.

The funk got so big I started believing all the lies

it told and showed me.

The funk got so big it was just a shadow looming

over everything I thought and did.

And it was hard.

Hard for me and even harder for my partner.

Because of the sneaky funk I wasn't able to articulate

what I needed - because I didn't think I needed anything.

The sobbing was my sign that I needed to STOP.

not stop the crying - but to stop and see the funk for what it really was.

So I let the tears flow. This was my kind energy output.

Then I reassessed.

What in my life needed more kindness?

It was me and my process.

As I've been creating the Kindness Drives Change Classroom

I've been outputting A LOT. And I got down on myself.

I wasn't giving space for things to breathe,

and grow, and play. I was just focused on

I knew that I needed a mindfulness type of activity to bring me back.

And I realize that as I write this to you friend

this has been my mindfulness activity.

Thank you for being on the end of this.

I hope you find space to be mindful and kind with yourself today.


Come join me in the KDC Classroom and jump on Early Bird pricing for the next week!

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