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kindness in our calendars

As the days feel a tad bit shorter and the cold air is more frequent the world is letting us know that change is on it's way.

Normally when it comes to change I (like most of us) resist it at first. There's a twitch in our hearts that tell us that this is the wrong way. And our brain tells us things like "Bah! You can't deal with this!" or "Why change?! It's so cozy here!" But when we meet change with Kindness we can do almost anything.

With Fall here, and kids already going back to school we find ourselves in a new normal. And no - not just a new COVID normal. A new normal where our schedules start to change and start to fill. So friends, how will you bring kindness into your calendars this season?

I have been a fan of time blocking since Jr High School. Ya that's right, I've been a productivity nerd for that long! It's how I would study, prepare and complete projects and even how I would draw out my schedule in my agenda.

As my calendar has changed, and life has shifted my blocks of time have found their steady place. Using my blocks of time I was able to plan our wedding in 3 months. I have been able to work my Corporate full time job while coaching on the side. And I still have time for friends, family and vacation.

I have 5 main blocks of time but the 2 I wanted to talk about today are the ones that I've been nurturing for the past 19 months.

That first block of time I label it as FOR ME BLOCK. This is when I'm tapping into who I am at my core. I use this block of time to recenter, realign and recharge. This block of time is where I really found the power of mindfulness. Because when I am fully present during this block I receive more clarity, my heart feels more open and I know I'm ready to serve.

At first this block for me was just called "self-care" but that wasn't enough. It's not just about taking care of our selves with bubble baths and face masks. It's taking the time to meet ourselves exactly where we are - with grace and kindness. It's doing the hard check-ins that we often ignore or put off. It's making the space for all of our thoughts and feelings and choosing to be mindful through it all.

I don't know about you but I LOVE TO LEARN! Which is funny since I was a horrible student 🙃

I was often using my ME TIME block to take courses, check in with coaches and read all my self-improvement books. But then my me time started to feel rushed, it started to feel less like rituals and more like things I was just trying to "check off the list". And I knew that I needed to change how I was spending my time.

So I created my INVESTMENT BLOCK. During this time I am able to invest in my future self.

This is when I'm reading, checking in with my coaches, checking in with my clients, when I'm taking time to learn how to take my craft to the next level. When I'm learning, when I'm doing I am investing in me. I am investing in my family's future and those of my clients. I am invested in the process and I believe in the power of this block of time.

The 1 thing that I've learned when using these blocks of time is that when I do these things together - I make more time for myself.

So as Fall comes closer, how do you want to invest your time? Where will you inject more kindness into your calendar?

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