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My Kind Crew

When I started my sober journey over a decade ago

I knew that creating a new kind crew

was not just fundamental

but it was a lifeline that I really needed.

I started focusing on the quality of my friendships

instead of the quantity.

I started seeking help from people I knew could help

and wouldn't pass judgment on me.

I started noticing how I wanted to make others feel

when they were with me.

And that is when all of my relationships started to change.


I remember being so scared about going to school

because I was so focused on that I wasn't going to be liked.

Anyone else? ✋

As the youngest in my family growing up,

and the only girl amongst my friends,

I have always felt like an outsider.

And that messed with my brain.

It fed into the thoughts of me not being good enough

or the fear of people not liking me for me.

And what I know now is


and I'm ok with that.

Because this is the version of me

that the world receives

I know that it is the best of me

and that is enough

in itself


I want you to know that the same is true for you.

You are enough to love just as you are

I love you

And never forget

You Fit Here

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