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mindful systems

How do you approach your days?

Mindful Systems are different ways you can approach your day based on the energy you have and will need to get things done.

These are things I do daily as a part of my rhythms that keep me clear and connected. Try out one of the mindful systems below.

The first step is the most important because it comes with a check-in. Be realistic. What type of energy do I have today?

Looking at the deadlines and meetings today choose how you want to feel.

I like to write this word in my journal to help guide me throughout the day. Whenever I look at what's next I'll refer to my word and do a quick energy check to make sure alignment is present.

REMINDER: It’s not just about the feeling word or mantra it’s about the action. These words don't count as action! It’s everything that happens after that counts

Brain Hurricane write down everything that comes to mind for today. What tasks, errands, things do I get to prepare today?

Time block match like items together from your brain hurricane list. Now insert these blocks of time into your timetable for the day. Give yourself a specific amount of time and do just these tasks during this time. Zero distractions.

Do the hardest part first instead of dreading that task on your list, start here. Is there a way you can make it fun? Can you do it with a friend?

Accountability is there another human you can tell about your deadlines or celebrations?

What type of mindful systems help guide you? Let me know below


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