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mindful resolutions

It's that time of year again where we set big intentions with our even bigger dreams. These resolutions are filled with so much hope for what is possible that we forget about the work that comes hand in hand.

Knowing that change is going to happen no matter what, that even the best of plans can be soiled with real life factors that will try to throw you for a loop.

So this year, knowing that we can choose grace over guilt and FUN over fear we can build resolutions that will stick and that will be easy to get done along the way.

So what's the secret? Motivation is something that we have to create.

Along with our all feelings we have the power to create and destroy it. And motivation is just like a pun. They take a bit of time and know-how.

I'm reminded of a High School pep rally. Have you ever been or seen one on TV?

It is basically a pre-party to hype up the crowds. A band will set the vibe, dancers will perform, maybe a choir will show up. The whole point of this 'pre-game celebration' is to essentially hype up the crowd to cheer for the home team.

Adulting is hard enough that we don't often celebrate the small things. So I like to picture my very own pep rally, hyping me up to do the thing, to keep on task, to keep our goals in mind.

Mindful resolutions mean that we are realistic that we aren't going to have fun the whole way through. We know that there is going to be work, uncomfy feelings, and with kindness in our actions change will come to us.

The tricky part is that our time thief beliefs may come trickling through, and this will keep us stuck, keep us in comparison. So finding a community that believes in you is key. Motivation can be hard to create when all you hear are the nagging reminders to play as small as possible so having a crew that can remind you of your greatness can be the reminders that you need.

So what are some resolutions you are keeping to for 2022? Let me know below so that I can help you tailor your own mindful roadmap towards the life you envision for yourself.

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