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I wasn't one of those people that got their license right away. Even when it came to a "Driving ride" at Disneyland as a kid I didn't want to be in the driver's seat!

Thinking of all of the control that comes from being behind the wheel freaked me the F out. It wasn't until I went to University and the transit was a pain that I decided to get my license and a car.

I don't know if it's because now that its Fall and more people are on the road that I've noticed my angry driving even more so recently.

I get the most irritated during a MERGE. I swear my road rage goes from 0-100 in 0.2 seconds when someone doesn't merge properly or when other drives don't respect the merge of traffic coming into their lanes.

Instead of getting all angsty the last time this happened I decided to take a second to reflect and I found that so many of us travel through life without the proper ability or skill to merge effectively - both in and out of our vehicles.

Driving pop quiz - how does one merge properly?

Normally the driver would have to speed up to match the flow of traffic in order to make space for their vehicle.

My rage kicks in when I see people do the opposite; they slow down way too much, or the worst is when people STOP altogether! This type of driving is super passive and normally leads to frustration, irritation and fear - from all the drivers involved!

I see this happen time and time again with my clients and the way they approach change. There is often a lot of caution that sometimes leads to freezing in the moment or using super passive actions in hopes it will bring them closer to change. They will approach the change and then freeze because - fear, because of frustration, because of irritation.

There is a type of confidence that is needed when inserting yourself into the life you want - shit even into the lane you want!

So friends, what are you doing to get closer to the change you want?

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