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making time for what matters ⏳

Were you able to find time to show love to yourself?

Did you learn about your love language?

I tried to find time and space for some self-loving

and then for connection with loved ones as well.

And off it reminded me of how I set up my regular schedule.

When I look at my meetings and all that jazz I plan for these things FIRST

- time for myself (that self-love kinda time)

- time with loved ones (speaking their love language)

- time to invest in myself (hobbies, classes etc)

- time for breaks

- time to call it quits

Looking at this list, try it out for the day.

When can you make time for just you?

How can I speak my love's love language and when?

When can I invest in my own interests?

I know I work best when I take a break every 2 hours or so

And I turn everything off by 7pm

What about you?

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