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let's take some time

I'm a planner .....

if you didn't know this about me already

I love a good to-do list, stickers, colour coding,

I feel like these things are all part of my love language!

And now that the wedding is over,

I'm looking towards what I can plan next!!

2020 is not how I pictured but it also

forced me to

I use to plan my days to the max filling it with

work, meetings, yoga classes, online classes,

and anything else I could find.

But it wasn't really setting me up for my max potential.

The most valuable commodity we have is TIME

and this year has been a constant reminder of this fact.

Some days have draaaaaged on and

have felt like time has moved at a snail's pace.

And then there are days that end as quickly as they begin.

Knowing that time is valuable I want to

firstly thank you for spending yours with me <3

I also want to spend some time reflecting on all the amazingness and lessons that have happened thus far.

We usually save this task for the end of the year, but as I plan for the last quarter of the year you better believe I'm spending just as much time finding all those golden nuggets of grace that have happened along the way.

Celebrate yourself this week

you've come a long way!

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