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Giving out my flowers with the Kindness Drives Change Blog

It's currently New Years Day.

And as I sit in our home I am filled with so much gratitude.

These past 2 years have been nothing but exhausting, disappointing, and magical all at the same time.

And as we go into 2022 I'm laying the groundwork for some amazing changes around here.

One of my biggest lessons through the pandemic is that I can't do things on my own.

Last night as I had a heart to heart with someone and as I we shared our dreams and plans he told me something I heard time and time again throughout 2020;

"being an adult is hard AF!"

- my 19-year-old nephew

Being an adult is hard, and being an entrepreneur it's like signing up for the full-time struggle bus

Anyone else?

So as I sit and reflect on all of the communities, the humans, the amazing family and people that I know and love I'm reminded about the power this corner of the internet holds.

This is our sacred safe space and I'm ready to blow it the F up.



Giving flowers is a term used in the social media space as a way of expressing celebration for another human.

I remember being a part of so many Clubhouse rooms where the whole theme is to love on someone and "GIVE THEM FLOWERS"

The KDC blog is going to feature some of my most favourite humans. Sharing this space with them is my way of sharing my spaces with them to share their genius, their message and the way that they have brought in mindful change with kindness and confidence.

How often will this happen you ask? Who knows TBH. I've been participating in my own WINTER Mindfulness Challenge

spoiler alert: part of the challenge is giving flowers to those people online that you look up to 💐 💐 💐 💐

And as I've done so I've also been sharing this idea with them.

I'm excited to keep writing weekly blog posts here.

Otherwise, I've asked these amazing humans to work with a deadline that makes the most sense to them. No pressure.

We are going to hear from them, their experiences with mindful change + they are bringing in their own spice cuz you best believe they are the type

So get excited cuz I'm gonna introduce you to some amazing humans. No joke.

Happy New Year Friends

Join the FREE 10-day Mindfulness Challenge as we get analog so we can turn down the noise to turn up your MAGIC!

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Just love your energy, honesty and passion 🌸thank you!!

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