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get rooted

This year has felt like one giant uprooting. 

Nothing is how we pictured it when we started the year.

And even though we've been living in this state for months now 

it still feels unsettling. 

Rules and regulations change on the daily 

it can be hard to keep up and still stay safe and sane. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a revolving door! 

A lot of people in my life have moved homes or away,

and even more, have started a new normal of school and work. 

It is easy to feel shaken - stirred even.

I find that I feel most disconnected when I'm in a state of overwhelm. 

I forget to breathe, I feel like my body and brain are floating away in a giant balloon. 

So how do we get back to that rooted feeling? 

By connecting ourselves to our space. 

To get back to myself and those rooted feelings I turn to my trusted two. 

1. breathing 

2. connection 

Witness your breath.

Is it shallow? Is it deep? 

Witness where your breath is coming from.

Is it all in your chest? Is it in your belly? 

Witness the speed of your breath.

Is it fast? Is it slow? 

Then get connected. 

Wiggle your toes and fingers. 

Feel your feet in your shoes or on the ground. 

Feel your seat in your seat. 

What can you do right now? 

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