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Forget self-care do THIS instead

 I can't remember a time in my life

when I didn't have anxiety or depression. 

Even now, my anxiety still finds a way to creep in and surprise me!

One way that I fed my anxiety was by ignoring my feelings. 

Not just the feelings in my brain but also the feelings in my body. 

We hear it all the time that our brain and body are connected

but it wasn't until I was in the hospital for undiagnosed diabetes that I really started to see this connection in action. 

If you are having trouble sleeping or constant tension headaches know that this your body asking for help. 

We hear the words "self-care" a lot but it was hard for me to wrap my head around since I wasn't great at taking care - of myself! 

It took time to re-learn how to support myself in a physical and mental capacity.  

I needed real actionable steps to turn to when I felt myself

turning away from a feeling instead of inviting it in. 

And that is how my self-caring rhythm was born.

1. witness the emotion 

2. name the emotion

3. remember that the worst that can happen is a feeling

4. feel it all the way through 

5. be an emotional investigator

6. open heart + open mind

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