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a deeper look into Mindful Time

Coming March 2022 to the KDC CLASSROOM is the first cohort of Mindful Time. This course has been recreated with multi-passionate humans in mind.

I've been using these mindful systems for years now for myself and my clients as we create habits and the life we thought was only possible in our dreams.

No joke, we were able to plan and have our COVID wedding in 2020 using these same tools. And we were able to do it all in 4 months.

Planning a wedding is already stressful, and then having a COVID vail always peering over your shoulder could've been unfun and stressful AF. But it was exactly the opposite. We were able to have our dream wedding with family and friends and enjoy the whole thing.

Let me walk you through the 5 modules on the inside of the Mindful Time course

MODULE 1 - Mindful Time Makers: right away I'm going to share my mindful time system that's filled with time makers

MODULE 2 - Thieves of Time: we gotta meet the beliefs that are keeping us stuck. In this module, we will meet them with kindness and understanding to start using the gifts hidden within and start making more time.

MODULE 3 - Shake our time makers: using what we've learned in modules 1 and 2 we will be able to shake our time makers making your own rhythms and rituals.

MODULE 4: Time Toolbox - here you will be shown the equation to create your own mindful systems that you can implement for your life and biz

MODULE 5: Challenge Time - I love a challenge so we are gonna put everything we've learned into practice in our safe space.

This 6 weeks are going to be transformational for not just your life but everyone that comes in contact with you! Are you ready?

Head here for more information including Frequently Asked Questions and hear what others have to say about the course.

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