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11. how to activate MAGIC

Which one do you feel more like?

Do you feel connected to yourself or is your mind too full of all the things? Practice mindfulness by listening to today's episode. Learn what mindfulness is and isn't and I share my favourite mindful journaling spreads and tools.

Journal suggestions when you don't know what to write, start with one of these....

- 1 line a day

- FEAR list

- top 100 list

- 1 Gratitude line a day

- Habit tracker

- Goal tracker

- Social media themes/posts/ideas

- Brain hurricanes

- Emotional Investigations

- Kind check in

This week's challenge: Journal - anything and then send me a pic

Check out the Mindful Me bundle and all things KDC Classroom by clicking here

Join me on Clubhouse

Check out Bright Pages my new favourite online journaling platform here


What kind of set up session are you in need of to feel prepared and excited for March? Let me know below.

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