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That's really how I feel lately - just a lot of oooooooof

Everything feels like it's out of our control and that is a scary and weird place to be. How do we plan for next steps knowing that we don't know what's coming?

We shift our focus onto what we can control.

As an overthinker, I can spend massive amounts of energy (and time) just thinking. Thinking about all the things I SHOULD do, wish I COULD do and everything in between.

And this can be tricky because it can feel like we are being productive when we really aren't. If you're like me and all your action energy is spent only in thought be aware IT'S A TRAP!

Emotion literally translates to ENERGY IN MOTION. So with that anxious, nervous, freaked out energy needs somewhere to go. It needs some kind of output.

All of our feelings require action in order to create more feelings. So notice your patterns. Are you feeling a certain way? What are the actions you are outputting in the result? Do your actions align with the feeling you are trying to create?

Right now we are awaiting our new COVID Province updates and I can feel myself in that spiral. So to snap myself back I'll think about my circle of control. I use this with kids too and it can create such great conversations!

So what's in your control? SPOILER: It's only you, and it's only today.

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