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Why Your Goals Aren’t Working

Stepping into the second quarter of the year how are your goals looking?

I know for me there are some goals I’ve scrapped, others I’ve changed but even more that I’ve crushed.

We’ve been taught that goals are what help drive us to work hard. They are the thing that keep us on the path to success.

And as a multi-passionate human I’ve found a few tricky time thief beliefs that linger within our goals and keep us from that finish line.

  • Focus too big

  • Shame for not completing

Here’s why.

Goals require motivation. In their nature we have to muster up the motivation to work towards that goal. They require reminders, notifications, alarms in order to kick start the goal.

Mindful habits require zero motivation because they are already things you want to get done. Habits put you in aligned action because your intention is clear.

I like to picture an athlete getting ready and doing their pre-game rituals. All of the things they do to get themselves hyped, to get them in the zone to perform at their best.

This is they type of energy we bring to our own daily rituals.

The rituals we create for ourselves can be for daily peace. Setting up your work space for the most optimal energy and task at hand.

The rituals we turn to when it’s time to let things go can create more space for what we are calling in.

The rituals we align with our energies to make more time and start living in our dreams are what make the difference. It’s not the routine.

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