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what's shakin' 🥓?

I fell in love with Gretchen Rubin after reading

Better than Before + The 4 Tendencies

where she talks about how to create habits

to be more happy.

I learned that I am a great starter

- but not great at finishing.

I found this to be true for my work starting new projects

but not always finishing them.

I will sign up for lots of things - but then not keep up.

I am even great at starting new snacks - but I have a lot

of alllllmost done bags of things in our cupboard 🤦🏽‍♀️

I found that this is not just one of my stress responses

but when my to-do list feels more like weight than light

I know now that this is when I can and should ask for help from others

when it comes to projects and snacks 👀

Gretchen Rubin also talks about having a

ta-da list vs a to-do list.

And this has helped me feel excited about what I accomplished

instead of bogged down but all the things I have to do.

So when I need to get back into a groove I'll turn to tunes.

I'll dance around - think about how my task(s)

aligns with my values as a human

and/or my values as a biz women.

So bop around to the tune below as you make your ta-da list for the day.

🎉Cheering you on as always 🎉


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