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what are you planting? 🌱

Spring is in the air - can you feel it?

I know I'm a broken record but CLUBHOUSE

has been taking over my life!

Not actually, but my phone usage has gone up

almost 50% because I'm on the app non stop.

At first I had so much FOMO

because I knew amazing conversations were happening

and because I'm at my 9-5 I miss out

on a lot of them. And the fact that all the rooms are live my FOMO was strong.

Having "another social media platform"

felt exhausting and kinda annoying.

I didn't want to -make more content-

but then I remembered the quote

"Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds."

This FOMO thought was growing into a weed.

I had to get back into touch with my WHY.

My why is always connection through conversations,

build that understanding and practice kindness.

So I looked at how I could even apply this to

the Clubhouse app.

I put trust back into the process.

All the things that I am meant to see - I will see.

All the conversations that I am meant to be a part of - I will be.

All the people I should and want to meet - I will.

And that is that.

With spring on it's way know that emotions and things

are running right now at an all time high.

But take some pause and think about

what would it feel like if we trusted that things

are working for and with us?

Don't let the end of Daylight Savings be a reason

why you DON'T do things.

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