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To create or not to create 🎨

I was asked the other day if I see myself as a creative.

I responded with a "HELLLLL NO!"

And then they all laughed at me!

We talked about how we can be creative in

so many different ways and we often stop believing we have this skill

when we are told by someone bigger than us that

"what we made isn't good enough."

And that's exactly where I was in my "creative journey"

that I didn't see my creativity as a superpower.

So then I took this conversation to kids, asking them

if they see themselves as creative and how they practice.

Someone told me that their creativity and imagination are

BFF's and they live and play together.

Another kid told me that creativity can be how you

walk, talk and show up.

(this is why I ask kids these questions - they are always so insightful!)

Then I took this conversation to Clubhouse

and someone told that you can even be creative in organization.

And that's when I started seeing all the places my creativity has lived.

All this time I thought my creativity abandoned me

but I was the one that abandoned my creativity.

So friend what boxes have you put yourself in lately?

I'm making some time and space to meet with my creativity

on a more meaningful basis.

How can you do the same this week?

🎉Cheering you on as always 🎉


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