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this week we turn 3 🥳!

I loooove March

I always find that the first few weeks of the new year

draaaaaaaaaag and February being a short month

it all goes so quickly.

And when March finally comes around it brings

Spring, Daylight Savings and a few fun days to celebrate.

Before I get to the FUN I wanted to take a moment of gratitude.

Gratitude for YOU friend

After my emails go out there are so many of you that send me

messages, check in and show up for me.

And I am so thankful for you - you have no clue!

Your kind words help me keep going

because it's often we feel like our own islands out in the world.

Especially now with working from home and all that.

Don't forget that I am here for you too.

So what do we have to celebrate in March?

3 years of the Podcast!

Annnnnd - I turn 35 this week.

This birthday feels heavier than turning 30

and I still haven't figured out why.

As a kid I never pictured myself being this age.

To be fair I was homeless so I didn't really see past

the end of the day.

So to be here now living this life I didn't even know was possible -

the imposter is LOUD AND CLEAR!

The Imposter will visit me when things are going well,

before I want to speak up, before submitting a project for feedback,

before I lead a session....almost all the time.

Thinking about how much time I have spent with my imposter

I'm ashamed to say that it's been YEARS.

Doing my own emotional investigations I found out that when I

think about my imposter as well, an imposter I feel like it a PART of me.

It was so hard to shake because thinking about "imposter syndrome"

feels like I will never be able to get away from it.

So I sat down the imposter and renamed it


Calling it a fraud feels like a separate entity.

I had a job where I was a fraud detection officer looking at high

amount cheque for companies. I would have to inspect these cheques

for imperfections and things that looked funky.

And so this has been how I've looked at my old imposter

-now the fraud-

What feels funky? It's usually the doubt.

When I can tap into my fact finder I can find

all the facts that prove that I am worthy.

And friends, that fact that we are human

is enough reason to be worthy.

So friends, how have you been spending your time this year?

What fraudulent thoughts have taken up residency in your thoughts?

How can you challenge them with FACTS.

Not feeling the facts?

Take action from your future self, to get you started.

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