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Things I tell myself...

The past week has been tough.

I've spent a lot of time managing my negative thoughts and feelings which hasn't been fun but it has been so so so so necessary.

Life is 50/50 100% of the time. And right now we are in the 50% of SUCK!

This is the 50% of life that so many of us have become so good at avoiding.

Right now our scary feelings of overwhelm, disappointment, boredom, annoyance...all these things are staring at us, square in the face and we have nowhere (literally NOWHERE) to go or hide.

Normally for me when I'm stuck in the suck I turn to my go-to pick me up's - but our norms have been nothing but challenged.

Normally I'd work out with people. This helps me feel strong and reminds me that I am made for hard things! Working out also helps those endorphins in our brains.

I love going to a yoga class to just be in a room with other humans to breathe. But you better believe that shit's BANNED!

Normally I would spend time with my crew. Fam crew, friend crew you know, that inner circle crew <3. We would hang, eat, complain, laugh. Again just more in-person hangs that are BANNED!

Normally I would spend time outside. Reconnecting with nature and just appreciating the outdoors. Not technically banned but still discouraged!

Right now most people’s new normal is trying to figure out how to stay at home.

I am in the category of not most people. I’m still going into work.

I’ve been sitting in my anger, annoyance, disappointment, anxiety, discouragement - you know all those nice poky and scratchy type feelings. And then on top of it ALL.OF.THE.FOMO.

All the workouts and meditations and online classes I’m missing while everyone is at home and able to participate.

These are obviously the negative things that I tell myself.

When I start to see these negative thoughts pop up I do 3 things

1) Observe the thoughts and feelings that are coming up with no judgement

This means not letting the thought or feeling infiltrate my state of being


This re-centers me and reminds me of what I can control


This puts things back into perspective. I ask myself who needs kindness right now, in this moment? Me? My crew? The world?

Answering that last question I know that during this time I need to focus on kindness to myself because these negative thoughts and space aren't serving me. It just creates more of all those negative feelings, and who has time for that?!

To keep me out of the suck and to make space for kindness to myself I am focusing on gratitude.

If you are looking for ways to show more kindness to your crew during this time make sure you are reaching out and letting them know that you are grateful for them! Love and gratitude are contagious!

Use the below worksheet to find some simple things you can be grateful for. Great for kids too!

If you are looking for more ways and chances to breathe, sign up for my online meditation live streams. Check-in here

I took some time to breathe and help our kiddos do the same. You can access my meditation for kids ages 6-12 here


So, friends, I want you to know that I am BEYOND grateful for YOU. There's a lot of stuff online right now so the fact that you've landed in my little corner of the web I couldn't be more over the moon.

Know that we're all in this together! No matter what happens, we'll find our new norms.

Main Photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash

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