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staying stuck

With all of us working from home for almost 2 years now there are some serious things that have kept us stuck.

We've been in a weird limbo where we are creating with our heads down, not taking time to look up to breathe, to see what type of impact is coming about or even taking the time to celebrate. This is the shit that keeps us stuck. Let's take a look deeper at what we can do to move forward.

We STAY stuck because of how we think about it. That's right - it's all in our heads.

That's right this is me sitting here in our truck - stuck in a big ass mud puddle.

Knowing that all our feelings are created in our thoughts I used that powerful knowledge to my advantage as I sat here - water slowly leaking in through the door.

Me back in the day I would’ve had a full-blown panic attack.

I probably would’ve screamed at everyone, I would've cried no doubt and this would’ve ruined the WHOLE DAMN WEEKEND!

Let’s take a sec - and think of ourselves - this version of us - stuck in the puddle of suck -

How many of us would choose defeat?

I was taught and always thought that my feelings were coming up in RESPONSE to the world but that feeling myth was busted when I learned that FEELINGS ARE CREATED BY THOGUHTS -

Means its all in our head

it's our thoughts -

if you’re a multi-passionate human I bet you get caught up in the thoughts

in the overthink because there are just so many things that I make a priority.

We get stuck because we IGNORE the hard stuff.

We stay stuck because we choose to STAY STUCK.

Research says we have more than 6000 thoughts a day.

So which ones are we attaching feelings to?

I needed to really tap into this - even before being stuck in that puddle - and I’ve used mindful tools like journaling and tracking

With tracking - when I found out I was diabetic I had to track food, sugars, medicines.

Tracking can be a helpful tool to tap into mindfulness.

Our body is what responds to the world first - fight, flight, freeze, fawn. All of these come up and then send messages to our brain to respond. But we aren't always actually in fight, or flight mode. It's that mindful moment that gives us the chance to choose our feeling, choose how we want to respond.


Need help getting unstuck?

Grab my free feelings tracker here

Want to join the 2022 Journal Jam where we will take some time to align our vision with our action plan for the upcoming year.

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