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September: Courage & Overwhelm

When you Google these two emotions you find:




the ability to do something that frightens one.




past tense: overwhelmed

bury or drown beneath a huge mass.

When I think of courage I'm reminded of all of our kiddos that are back in the classroom.

I was sitting with one of ours the other day and she kept reloading her schedule to see if it was updated. She didn't know what classes she would be in, what her day will look like and it was driving her crazy! But today as she walks into school she's gonna have to figure it all out.

She's going to have to walk through the halls, make new friends, confront old crushes and see past bullies. As I think about it, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed knowing that she's on her own out in the world. I feel better knowing that she's a great kid and we've taught her about courage. We talk about how everyone is human. We all have our own fears and greatnessess and it's easier to show someone kindness than to show up with a front. We smile, we notice when people need help or are also scared. It takes courage to show up, but it's worth it every time.

If you are looking for some of your own courage today, remember that if kids can do it so can you!

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