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My chat with Shawna from Practically Minimal

I have been a lover of a good declutter party for ages. And when I met Shawna from Practically Minimal I was ECSTATIC to find out that she hosts digital decluttering parties! Not only do you get an accountability person but you get a set time to actually clear and the tunes to make it a good time.

I joined my first party in the Spring, right before Husband was going on a hunting trip. I decided to make space in our fridge. I used the 1-hour declutter party to wipe it down, throw things away and to reorganize. All things I always thought of doing every time I opened the fridge 🤦‍♀️.

I used another declutter party to finally rid myself of the piles of paper on, in, around my desk. Whenever I would sit in this space instead of feeling excited to work I felt drained already because of all the mess that was around me.

As a Mindfulness Coach I've realized how beneficial any type of declutter can be. Our homes, our calendars, our brains! And this simple technique is one that I keep coming back to in my life and with my clients.

In the below interview I talk with Shawna about getting set for success so that we can achieve our goals.

I also share my favourite tip to deal with the brain clutter 🧠.

Check out Practically Minimal for more information about Shawna and how to bring LESS into our lives

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