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mindful littles

When I tell parents that I teach Yoga to kids there are always a few reactions I'll hear a mix of the following.

"ugh, my kids could NEVER do yoga!"

"They never sit still, how do you get them to sit still?"

"I wish I knew about your classes sooner!"

I love talking to the skeptics, to the people that don't see the value...yet Because teaching yoga to kids is really just teaching them mindfulness through movement.

Practicing mindfulness is when we are aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

If you've meditated or have done yoga for yourself you would have experienced time that you are able to hear yourself more clearly. To have been able to be completely present in 1 the moment at hand.

I didn't learn these skills and the power of self-awareness until I was much much older. Imagine the gift we can give our kids by teaching them these things now.

YOGAPL3Y is a physical literacy, mindfulness & social-emotional learning program where kids PLAY with yoga poses, movement and breath. Participants build flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and focus. Kids get active through a variety of fun & interactive yoga & mindfulness activities that allow them to develop self- regulation strategies, as well as positive social interactions as they discover connections with themselves, others and the world.

- From the YOGAPL3Y website

As we start to see back to school storefronts our littles might be feeling the nervesd. Dang, even more so for us parents! But knowing that we can support their growth mindset through programs like YOGAPL3Y Preschool and YOGAPL3Y Kids you can rest easy.

Know that my classes are small so that we can build connections. Know that as a trauma-informed caring adult I take care in the programming and training I provide and also receive. As a guide it's important for me to ensure I'm not only continually learning but also creating supportive environments for kiddos.

So if you have a kid going back to school in the fall, and you want to help prepare them know that YOGAPL3Y can be a great place to start.


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