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mindful listening

Did you feel the RUSH of the new year?

The excitement of starting "new"

and all of the possibilities that are possible can be a lot of fun.

But then the countdown is over

and everything is cleaned away

and we are left with exactly the same things we had before it came.

This week I'm focusing on moving slowly.

On being kind to myself and my time.

For looking for those moments I can listen, drop in and

find out what my body is telling me,

and what my

heart is needing.

I use to think softness, slowness, and being gentle meant weakness.

But I'm starting to be shown the opposite.

I think of everything we learn,

it all takes slowness and gentleness

for us to get better.

When we are learning to ride bikes

we don't give up after we fall off once.

We gotta keep going,

keep trying,

keep practicing.

So friend as you travel through this week

take some time to stop

and listen

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