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love all around 💗

How did you learn about love?

How do you show yourself love?

With Valentine's day just around the corner love is 1000% on my mind

When I think of my own answers to these questions

it all brings me back to a space where I thought I had to earn love.

Since my parents were divorced even though I knew it wasn't

my fault - it was still a seed that was planted

and took a long time to uproot that bastard!

I thought that love was earned.

Through good grades, trophies, devoting my life to God.

So these are the dark spaces I talk about - what do yours tell you?

What lessons have they tricked you into believing?

And don't worry because every time you hear that voice

you get to make the choice to listen it or not.

I was talking to some kids about the difference between

hearing and listening. They told me that

"Hearing is when something walks up to your hear.

But listening is when you lead something to your ear."

So this week I want you to lead kind things to your ear.

Listen to this week's podcast where I guide us through how we can

use the 5 love langugaes to show more love

to our #1's - ourselves

How did you learn about love?

How can you show yourself some loving kindness today?

What is your love language?

How can you use your own love language to show yourself some love this week?

I am making time for myself this week on _____ at _____.

How can you use Valentine's day to re-connect?

Who do you want to re-connect with?

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