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list it out

As I set up my new Bullet Journal for 2022 one section that I always include are my lists that bring clarity.

Exactly as it sounds these are pages that I fill with things that come to me in the moment, things that I plan and hope for and things that are on my mind and need a place to live.

Do you Bullet Journal? What are some of your favourite notebooks to use? I love a good dot grid so that I can be free with my thoughts, margins and flows.

I set up my Bullet Journal a bit differently than most, if you'd like to see my set up let me know!

The lists that keep on giving:

- top 100

- gratitude

- words to live by

- fears


Top 100 LIST

These are a list of people, companies, communities that I hope to work with at some point. Who knows how or why but these are my WHO.

Gratitude List

Things, places, moments, people that I am thankful for. This is a running list that has no dates just 1 liners of gratitude. When I'm feeling low or like the world is against me I'll come back here to find my spark.

Words to Live by

Quotes from books, movies, conversations, Pinterest.

Found everywhere - I'll note down phrases and words that stand out.

When I'm looking for inspiration I'll come to this list to get things started.

Fear list

I know that I'm gonna get scared - and that's a good thing! This list gives me a place to let the fears live. When I look back at this list I'm reminded of the lessons and the growth that has taken place here.


What lists do you love? Leave them below!


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