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Lessons after 1 year of marriage

To all of my soon-to-be/recently-wed brides out there I want to give you one helluva GIGANTIC standing ovation👏

To plan an event during any time is stressful already - and then planning a wedding...during a pandemic can make us feel like we are slowly loosing our minds.

There are a lot of people involved, which brings a lot of expectations. There is the the constant struggle of the dream we have in our heads vs reality.

It can be the most stressful and happiest time of your life.

You hear "PANDEMIC BABY" these days about kids that have been born during the pandemic. They are curious about other people. They can be super confused but also super excited to see other people in real life.

Well how many of us out here are pandemic newly-weds? 🙋 Holy shit we've learned a lot about ourselves and our relationships while being locked with our without our loved ones. And I want to celebrate all of it.

And today as we celebrate our first year of marriage I am taking time to flip through my wedding journal. I am taking time to reinvest in our relationship and finding gratitude in all the lessons.

These are things I found in my journal over the last year.


- Imposter syndrome lurks in and around the word "WIFE" and I've had to remind myself that I know how to be a partner and this is where I need to focus.

- You're not planning a wedding you're planning a life

- You're on the same team

- Keeping count keeps you out

Things that made it easier

- Therapy

- Laughing

- Learning

- My husband 😍


Listen to our wedding playlist

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