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Kindness in Clubhouse ♣️🏠

I've been on Clubhouse since 01.21.2021 ✨

And I've learned a lot in these past months of leading Q+A rooms, Welcome Newbie rooms, rooms with large panels, rooms with my ride or die mod squad and even solo rooms. And with everything I've learned now that the app has dropped for Android I wanted to share all that I know...thus far.

The audio only app is still in Beta. Pro: they are still building the app. Taking feedback and implementing changes immediately. Con: there is gonna be a lot of hiccups.

So just know the app continues to grow - and it keeps getting better 🙌🏼

Let's talk terms shall we

  • Start finding people and clubs to follow to curate your Hallway. This will be the live feed of just a few of the rooms that fit the interests you've chosen, and the people/clubs you follow.

*Insider's tip: swipe to the right to find out where your friends are listening or speaking. This can be a great way to find new and interesting conversations.

  • When you are in these rooms check above the room title - this should list the name of the Club the talk is being hosted in. Once you've been on the app long enough, have spoken in a few rooms you will be able to open your own club 🥳 Think of clubs like they are a conference, or a TV/Radio station. They are places that host shows of a similar theme or topic. They are kind of like Facebook Groups

Watch for the next post where I'll take more about moderating and hosting your own rooms from tips I've collected.

  • Moderators are the people you'll find at the top of every room. They are the ones leading conversations, setting the tone of the room, fielding questions and resetting the room. Think of moderators like your hosts.

*Insider's tip: Notice what you like about the rooms you join and what how the moderators control the energy and flow of the conversations

  • When moderators reset the room they will reintroduce the topic, the club, how you participate...or don't and introductions of the people in the space. They may also mention Pull to refresh (PTR) this is when you hold the screen and pull it down. This reconfigures the order of the space depending on who has come and gone.

*Insider's tip: One of my weekly rooms is Kindness in our calendars and I will pull a tarot card to help guide our intentions. So I'll take a picture of the card and quickly make it my profile pic, I'll instruct the room to PTR so they can see the image as we talk about it.

  • When you find people and clubs you like take note you can see upcoming rooms on the profile. On a person's profile you'll see their next upcoming room where as when you look at the club's page it will show you the next 20 upcoming rooms. You can click on the bell to get notifications when these rooms open 👏🏽 this just happened - like in May - so there are many Apple users that are eternally grateful.

*Insider's tip: You can also click on the bell at the top and select 4 different notification options.

  • Your bio is gold! The top 3 lines are your headlines when people click on your profile this is what they see first so make it count.

*Insider's tips: All the words and emojis are searchable on Clubhouse! So if you have a speciality make sure your buzz words show up often.

Write out your bio in a note in your phone. This will make it so.much.easier. Then you can just copy and past it!

Come ask your Questions in my Live

🎉 Mindful hacks for Clubhouse room.

Once you get into a room and you want to add value, ask a question you are able to raise your hand. So take advantage of it if they allow it.

Get on stage, speak up, practice and build the confidence. Even if you just show gratitude.

I love this app because you are able to have IRL conversations with people in real time.

You can feel people's energy through their voice. Make space and find spaces to be around people that make you feel like magic.

The spaces and rooms I've found have been just that.

Want another post on how to use Clubhouse for your business? Let me know below

Join the Kindness Drives Change Club and find my upcoming rooms


When it comes to Mindfulness on the app it can be hard not to get bogged down in the FOMO. But the app is 24 hours, and now that Android users are on it there are going to be SO MANY great convos happening.

Think of how you want to use Clubhouse, is it for education? Entertainment?

And just trust that you will hear and be a part of the conversations that you are meant to.


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