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just start...again

With the new year upon us, I am looking at ways to really savour my time.

I wanted to find ways to become friendly with the time that I have

so that I can create even more of it.

One thing I use my journal for is tracking my time.

And when I am trying to make more of it I find it

helpful to see where it has been going.

It's like when you are starting to budget you gotta see where your money is going.

And I found that I was spending the most time

multi-tasking! This one habit I thought I had cultivated to be MORE productive

was doing the exact opposite.

So friends this week I want you to notice

when you feel pulled in multiple directions.

How has multi-tasking helped you?

How is it wasting your time?


I have been doing Yoga with Adriene's

30 day BREATH journey. At the start I did 5 days in a row

and then I took a 3 day break. For no reason.

Just because I wanted a break.

But knowing that this challenge was there pulled at my heart.

Knowing that I committed to this challenge with friends and family

I rolled out my mat.

To really savour this time I set up the scene.

I turned on my diffusor.

I got a cold drink of water.

I chose a loving playlist.

and I just started again.

So whatever you have committed to this year

know that you can be kind to yourself

and take a break - but starting again

is how KINDNESS lives on.

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