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Hey friend😎

There have been so.many.signs.of.spring

going on in my City right now.

A lot more noise, a lot more people, a lot more action!

All while we still deal with restrictions.

It's nice but at the same time annoying


One thing I've been trying to be mindful of during this time

is looking at things with a new point of view.

Although we were in lock down this time last year

we have learned a lot. A lot has changed.

And just like the seasons I've changed and continue to grow.

Clubhouse has been my latest obsession since January

and just last week in Canada and in other Countries the app

launched for Android users.

And even though I've set my tone, I've set my schedule, I've set my vibe

in the app - now it all begins to change.

And we can often meet change with resistance, frustration

but I also know that a lot can be learned in this space.

So as you experience Spring in your city

look for spaces in your life that can also use a fresh set of eyes.

How can you look at the process as a growing experience?

Think of this season as a REMIX to last year.

We know more and we demand more.

So go and get it!

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