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Hello? It's your motivation calling

This week I'm focusing on creating feelings of MOTIVATION

cuz what has 2020 been but a messy crazy haze that has us all wanting to throw in the towel!

I've developed different habits since lockdown that have included

more eating, less exercising,

more self-doubt, less believing in myself,

more TV watching, less checking in with my feelings.

Anyone else channel these vibes on the daily?

All of this stuff made super-duper cranky,

I was more snappy and less patient.

And I found it more draining than anything.

And that's when I knew I needed a different form of motivation

I took some time to do some emotional investigation around this feeling.

I learned that in order to have motivation I need to believe in the WHY

Remember parents telling our kiddo's to sit down at the computer

to do their school work is not enough of a WHY.

Telling them they need to do good in school, is not enough of a WHY.

Use this month's guide to find more ways to guide them to find

their own motivation. Then you can be off the hook!

To have the motivation you have to make the decisions you've been avoiding

I decided that I was going to gently re-enter a workout routine.

I decided I wasn't going to bring as much junk food into our home.

I decided I was going to get back to daily journaling.

I decided I was gonna check in with my feelings more often and not be hard on myself when I experience something hard.

I decided that I was going to MUTE and unfollow people on social media.

I decided that I was going to block off specific time in my day to be on social, instead of mindlessly scrolling at all times of the day.

What type of motivation do you need? Besides the instant kind - what else do you need?

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