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🏆for showing up

I've been doing a lot of work and reflection on the

change we experience in our lives.

And some things I've learned is that we normally only

look for change when it is a necessity.

And most of the time we as humans

are resistant to change and don't find it friendly.

When we graduate from High School or College/University

and now need a job. You have to change your habits and

techniques to get and keep a job.

When we decide to move.

We consider location, stores, schools, where our friends and family live.

When we have children.


When these children are grown and don't need us as often.

Things change again.

COVID happening and flipping everything upside down!

All these things bring about change.

And usually a lot of resistance from us!

Sure we learn to morph, get with it and make decisions to help us change.

But what happens when we are prepared for change

BEFORE we need it?

"The habits we created to survive

will no longer serve us when it's time to thrive."

What happens if we aren't scared of change

and welcome it with open arms?

Now that I approach change with kindness and mindfulness

it isn't as scary.

It isn't as unexpected, it isn't as unwelcomed.

This switch in my thinking has helped me feel more grounded

when things AREN'T going my way.

This switch has made me remember that the only

constant thing in our lives is change.

So what kind of change are you looking for in your life?

Respond to this email and let me know!

🎉Cheering you on as always 🎉


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