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December Intuition

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Frrrriiiends, we find ourselves in the last month of 2021 feeling all kinda feels.

How many time thief beliefs are still whispering in your ear?

"You're behind! 😳 "

"You've wasted a lot of time 🤬 "

"Well, there goes time we'll never get back 😩 "

This is a great time to hear these thoughts and to kick them out of your head for good!

With the new moon in Scorpio, we are able to channel and use the energy to find the courage and momentum to get things done.

Say g'bye to the past. It is time to throw some shit OUT! ✌🏽

What is it for you? Old habits? Someone that's diming your light? Time thief beliefs like those above?

Use December to really inject more investment time blocks into your calendar.

Investment time is a block of time you set aside, no distractions to focus on reconciling your current self with your future self.

Maybe it's working on that course? Signing up for the journal jam? Outlining your next big moves for the new year?

Whatever it is know that this is the month to get it done.

4 of Materials, Paige of Voices, Ace of Inspiration
Muse Tarot Deck

Our card pull this month lets us know that we have been in a time of keeping things close. Maybe that's your heart, your voice, your dream?

This is the month to find the strength in your voice, to lean into your investment blocks to re-connect with your why and your vision.

What inspires you? Spaces, feelings, humans? This is where you will find clarity this month.

Use these questions to guide you through your December Kind Check-in

  • What time thief belief has been strong in your ear?

  • How can you find celebration this month?

  • What can you approach with grace over guilt?

  • What are you letting go?

  • Where can you inject INVESTMENT blocks into your calendar?

Need some jams to journal to? I gotchu


Join me Friday December 10 @ 10 am MST for our 2022 Journal Jam prep party!

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