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Dear Graduating Class of 2020

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

For those of you that have completed grade 9 and going into High School, and those that have completed High School and going into University and those that have finished it all - YOU'VE DONE IT! In spite of it all, you did it.

I didn't walk the stage - for any of these things. After I played my last piano competition at 15 I didn't walk another stage at all. I was too scared of being seen. Thinking of all those eyeballs on me freaked me out too hard! I'm still overcoming this which should make walking down the aisle fun!

But you my friend, didn't get a choice. That was rudely stolen from you.

Just because you didn’t walk the stage with your peers doesn’t mean that this accomplishment is any less valid. The fact that you completed everything WITH all the things going on you are in the beginning stages of building resiliency for yourself - and that is one of the biggest lessons of life.

Just because you weren’t able to walk the stage doesn’t mean your accomplishment is any less. It doesn’t make you any less.

Just because you didn’t walk the stage doesn’t mean that you are not seen. You have busted your ass and it can feel so empty when we need that validation from someone else. So make sure you are celebrating yourself - for yourself!

Know that I am over here throwing you a happy dance, and air high 5’ing you on all of the things you’ve done.

Get yourself ready - because this next stage of life is going to BLOW YOU AWAY!

Let your heart fill with all that gratitude for the people that didn’t give up on you, those that stayed up late with you, and the fact that you frickin’ did it.

Cuz you did.


And you can do it all.

You my friend are made for hard things, this time has been proof.

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