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compare and contrast 🎨

It's so snowy today here in my City

and it's starting to really feel like winter.

This past week I've been thinking about goals

and how to make them real life things.

And then I'll get stuck in comparison

and notice someone else's journey

and feel the suck and stuck.

But I remembered that we can use envy as a mirror

and notice what parts of "that" do I want for myself?

When I'm stuck in comparison I also find it helpful

to think about our paths.

And me - the baby coach of only doing this for 2 years

should be comparing myself to the coaches I love

when they were also at year 2.

Because comparing my now self

to their current self - is the WORST!

So friends, if you find yourself in the

same trap of comparison like I do

remember where you now are VS where they are now

they aren't the same journey

so learn from their mistakes

and just keep on going


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