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Buying into Mindfulness

It wasn't until I heard mindfulness explained as paying attention to intention for me to buy into the hype.

At first, mindfulness seemed like too much work, and too far out of my understanding. But I found the simplicity of this description digestible and it gave me the hope that I could pull this off.

Knowing that I wanted to have more mindful moments in my life was the first step. I knew that if I had any hope in the world to even pick up this habit I would have to make it easy.

My secret to adding more mindfulness in my day was to pair an already positive habit with a mindful act.

I am a morning person through and through. Not necessarily that I am lively and want to talk to people first thing in the morning but that I am my most creative, motivated and peaceful first thing in the morning.

I have built a solid habit of honouring this routine to prepare me for my day. My OG AM routine consisted of: pressing snooze once, a shower, getting ready, having breakfast and heading out the door. I would listen to music or watch YouTube during all of these activities. And then, I would leave for the day. It wasn't anything crazy but, I enjoyed this morning time to myself.

My old morning routine intention was simply to leave the house. But knowing how much I love my mornings this seemed like the perfect time to add extra mindful activities.

My new morning routine's intention is to put my mind in a good place before facing the world. I need to put my mind at ease before my anxiety has had the time to wake up. I need to stretch my body to prepare for the day ahead. My morning intention is no longer to just get out the door fed and clothed.

I wake up a little bit earlier than before so that I can do a YouTube yoga video and meditate. While I am getting ready I listen to a book, something inspirational, or that entices questions in me. I like a good 'ol TedTalk honestly, or something to put me in a positive mood. Not a crazy change from listening to music, but now even my listening time has intention.

By slowing down my favourite part of the day I even look forward to it.

If you are sitting there shaking your fists at me because you don't share the same love I have for the AM I want you to look at how you spend your most creative time, motivated, peaceful?

Are you paying attention to your intentions?

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