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Anxiety is actually Excitement

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

When I tell people that I have crazy anxiety before doing a talk they laugh at me. Probably because I seem outgoing since I’m expressive. I am loud, I initiate conversations and friendships. But it’s because I know that what I am saying to the group is something I believe in. I get myself so amped up by my message that it quiets down my anxiety. Whenever I stop to catch my breath I look out into the crowd and I watch them as they write stuff down, sit in their ah ha’s and that quiets the anxiety even more.

All of my feelings of anxiety are the exact same as the ones for excitement. Sure when I stop to drink water I notice how hard my heart is racing and how hard my hands are sweating, but I look up and I see people registering my message and trying to ask themselves hard questions. This gets me excited. This quiets my anxiety.

Funny how the body registers both in the exact same way. So next time you’re feeling anxious, ask yourself what am I excited for?


I feel confident when:

Ask yourself the same thing. Journal prompt

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