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Use the KonMari method to Tidy Up your brain

If you have Netflix binged anything so far this year I can almost guarantee that Tidying up with Marie Kondo was a part of that list! There have been so many people posting their newly folded drawers and cabinets after being inspired by the show.

The main focus of the KonMari method is that you only keep things that spark joy for you. Of course there is a bit more to it than that but her method's got me thinking of how I can use these tidying techniques to also clean out my head.

My favourite part of the show is when Marie asks the families to gather all of their clothes and to pile it all in one place to "make it into a mountain." Everyone has the same reaction, wide eyes and fear! The mountain puts into perspective how much stuff we have.

Just like our brains we have collected a lot of shit. We all have stories, misguided facts and truths that we choose to believe. Just like Marie Kondo says we have to confront all the shit we have kept around! Please note that I don't think Marie Kondo ever swears and I added "shit" in there!

At least once a day I will do a personal brain dump. This is my version of confronting the shit in my head. I think of a time during my previous day that bugged me, irked me or left me uneasy. Using 1 page in my journal I will write non-stop until the page is full. I'll write down how I felt, what I wish I could have said or done. I'm always surprised with how liberating it can be to just get things out of my head and onto paper.

We can spend a lot of our days focusing on situations like these and it will eat at us if you let it. By writing things out in this way I'm able to reflect. This helps me notice my feelings as they come up and I'm able to let things go easier.

When families are met with an item that they do not want to keep they are asked to thank it and let it go. By showing gratitude we take the time to acknowledge what once brought us joy.

When we are able to be thankful for an item, a person, a thought that we use to believe in we are able to accept it for what it once was. We accept that it no longer serves us and that makes it easier to let it go.

Marie often reminded families that "It won't be perfect all the time." And that is the same message I have for you. Let go of the expectation of perfection. Brain work is hard work but when you start these things know that you can get there again.


If you want to try this KonMari thought clean up method book a clarity call with me today!

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