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To all my Galentine's <3

To all the women that I have loved near and far;

TBH at first, I was intimidated by your beauty, by your power, and by your knowledge.

My old school go-to would be to hold space for jealousy and envy but I've learned that nothing grows in that space, nothing good anyway.

So instead I held space for love. I held space for you as you are and it created a connection that I am so thankful for.

You have taught me SO much about the world and even more about myself.

You have shown me that strength and resilience come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

You have shined the light into my own darkness that I was avoiding.

I am internally grateful to you for teaching me that what I thought were my weaknesses were actually my greatest strengths.

You have inspired me to live more fully and more true to me.

You have reminded me that I am more than enough just by being here.

This is a love note of gratitude because, without you, I wouldn't be me.

To all my lovely Galentine's both near and far I love you to the depths of your soul.

Thank you.

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