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Our new Normal

What is life?

There a few things I know for sure as COVID-19 runs rampant on our world.

1. Social Distancing is real.

As an introvert, I've been practicing social distancing my whole life!

It's important to remember that social distancing IS NOT social isolation.

It's important that we are checking up on our friends and family

that don't have a regular support system.

Don't use the fact that we've been told to stay home that we use it as an excuse to do nothing. This isn't the Netflix and Chill era.

Create a playlist for a friend, unfollow accounts on your social media channels,

budget, spring clean your home.

Spend this time doing the things you've been avoiding.

How is your New Years resolution going?

2. How to still support our economy & people working.

Most people still currently working are doing so for minimum wage. In Alberta, that's $15/hour

So tip these people, tip them more than you normally would.

Support small businesses when and where you can.

You can buy gift certificates. Send them an email and ask them how you can help.

3. Communities are growing.

Even though meeting face to face is discouraged these days the online communities are growing and you can find groups online for support and resources.

5. Keep up your routines

We need to keep some normal going on in our lives.

Don't skip your thriving habits and routines just because you're home more often.

How can you change your routine or include someone new into it?

4. We all have questions

How long will this last? What does this mean for our kids and schools?

What does this mean for our own work? What does this mean for rent and mortgages?

A lot of these questions bring up overwhelm because no one really knows the answers.

Ask yourself instead, how can I be a part of the solution?

Our new normal is that we don't know what is going to happen when and where.

All we can do is support each other and ourselves where we can.

So let me know, how can I help you?

I promise to be more helpful than Michael >.<

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