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New Year Clean Out

With the new year here it is important to an annual clean out. Think of it as the winter version of spring cleaning.

I'm doing inventory of all my shit and finding where I can make more space in my home and life for all the greatness coming in 2019.

I take a look at all the books I've collected over the year. Who can I gift a latest purchase to? I want to make sure to make space for more knowledge so I have to make sure there's space for that. Do you have books on your shelf that you didn't even crack open this year? Don't worry because maybe someone else will find something great inside. Gift it to someone.

Next I'm looking at my fridge & snack cabinet. I want to make sure that in 2019 I'm able to make healthier choices more often. This means getting rid of the junk that is always there for comfort.

Cleaning my desk is always a task but there are a lot of things that tend to pile up. I want to make sure to have space to welcome new challenges and projects so a clean desk is a must.

Finally I'm taking a look at how I clean up my social media. In the new year I want more connections IRL. When looking at my current friend's list, if we haven't connected over the past 2 years you get cut. Not out of shade but more out of sanity. There are too many people and things to keep up with online, and if we haven't caught up in real time, there's no need for the annual cyber stalk.

I'm entering the new year with a clean and welcoming home. This resets my brain and opens up more space for greatness to enter.

Head over to the forum to let me know what your word is for 2019. This is a simple way I look at resolutions. 1 word, less pressure, more room for opportunity.

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