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Do this instead of overthinking

As an overthinker myself, I have talked myself out of situations that would have altered my life forever. I was able to think up all of the reasons why I shouldn't.

I have not said something powerful and then laid awake at night thinking about how I should have responded instead.

I was spending so much energy thinking through situations I wasn't actually living through any situations!

So if you find yourself in a moment of overthinking try at least 1 of these things instead...


1. Write that shit down. Get it outta your head and on to paper. Free write, don't judge just write.

2. Distract yourself with something positive. Exercise, do the laundry, wipe down a countertop or a mirror, go outside

3. Take 1 step forward. Don't focus on the big to do list or the final goal. Just pick 1 thing. Do that.

4. Focus on what you can control. Cuz that sure ain't the past!

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